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Body Shop Services for Greer, SC

When motorists need a body shop to fix their front end alignment, cover up dents, or repair their vehicle after an accident, they turn to Scruggs Body Shop & 24 Hour Towing. Why? We work fast, we staff experienced technicians, we use state-of-the-art equipment, and we deliver results. Our dedication to fixing your vehicle in a timely and affordable manner means that we will have you back on the road sooner than you thought! 

A fender bender, a harsh hail storm, or a serious auto accident can leave your car, truck, or SUV badly damaged. Whether you have a few scratches on the front hood of your van or your SUV was seriously damaged in a crash and now has broken windows and a badly dented door, we want to help. We can restore your vehicle back to pre-damaged condition, no matter the cause. 

Front End Alignment & More

Select the body shop chosen by most motorists in Greer, SC: Scruggs Body Shop & 24 Hour Towing. We’re here to keep you and your passengers safe on the road, day in and day out, with quality auto body repair services that you can trust. Our services range from paintless dent repair to front end alignment and more. We’ll even process the auto insurance paperwork for you. Call or visit us when you need us. 

Why Are Front End Alignments Important?

Wheel alignment effects more than just the direction the car tends to drift if you are not moving the wheel. It can play a part in your fuel efficiency, wear on the tires, the overall tire response, and of course its handling. Due to unique conditions vehicles are exposed to, misalignment can occur at various times and it is difficult to definitively say when you need another one. If your vehicle is not pulling to the left or right as you drive (a clear sign that you need a front end alignment) you can take it to your local mechanic who will run some tests and let you know if you should get one or not. Correct wheel alignment is very important for the life of tires, and unaligned wheels can cause uneven tire wear and unsafe driving conditions. If you want to know whether you should get a front end alignment, stop by Scruggs Body Shop in Greer, SC. Our team is extremely experienced in not only alignments, but also all other aspects of repair services.

Front End Alignment Greer, SC
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